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General Project Information

The Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority (PTRWA) has begun construction on Randleman Dam and Regional Reservoir in Randolph and Guilford Counties, North Carolina. The purpose of this project is to develop a safe and dependable water supply for North Carolina's Piedmont Triad region that will satisfy the projected water demand for a period of 50 years. The project includes the establishment of a 3,000 /- acres reservoir and the preservation of a 3,000 /- acres buffer zone consisting of a strip approximately 200 feet wide around the reservoir.

Area within 682' Contour 673 acres 2,334 acres 3,007 acres
Area within the 200' buffer and dam site 900 acres 2,075 acres 2,975 acres
Total 1,573 acres 4,409 acres 5,982 acres
Project Perimeter 35 /- miles 65 /- miles 100 /- miles


                                                We maintain a constant downstream discharge from Randleman Dam to help protect the valuable aquatic life in the Deep River.  The discharge from the dam is monitored on a continuous basis.  

                                                Weekly discharges records from the dam are included in the files below:

                                                Randleman Dam Discharge 7-22-14 through 7-29-14

                                               Randleman Dam Discharge 7-29-14 through 8-6-14

                                               Randleman Dam Discharge 8-6-14 through 8-13-14

                                               Randleman Dam Discharge 8-20-14 through 8-27-14

                                               Randleman Dam Discharge 8-27-14 through 9-4-14

                                               Randleman Dam Discharge 9-4-14 through 9-10-14

                                               Randleman Dam Discharge 9-10-14 through 9-17-14

                                               Randleman Dam Discharge 9-17-14 through 9-24-14

                                              Randleman Dam Discharge 9-24-14 through 10-1-14

                                              Randleman Dam Discharge 10-1-14 through 10-8-14

                                             Randleman Dam Discharge 10-8-14 through 10-15-14

                                             Randleman Dam Discharge 10-15-14 through 10-22-14

                                             Randleman Dam Discharge 10-22-14 through 11-5-14

                                             Randleman Dam Discharge 11-5-14 through 11-12-14

                                             Randleman Dam Discharge 11-12-14 through 11-20-14

                                            Randleman Dam Discharge 11-20-14 through 11-26-14